So Far in Love: A Dricki fanfiction.

This is just a little “teaser”, but here it is. :)

“Hey love.” Drake said

“Who is this?” replied Nicki in a skeptical tone, seeing as the number was blocked.




“Now you want to call me, 3 hours before my birthday is over. Oh.”

“Nic, you know where I am. I’m at this venue, out of the country, soundcheck and all, trying to get this set together, we’ve been at it all day, I barely snuck away to call you. You know I would never not call you on your birthday, you have to know that.”

As his words started to sink in, Nicki realized what he was saying was true, and she understood where he was coming from.

“Fine.” She said with a smile in her voice.

“Thank you.” He said smiling back.

“Hm, hm.” Nicki cleared her throat impatiently.

“Wha-OH! Haha, sorry babe. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to you, the most beautiful, amazing woman I know. You have no idea how much I wish I could be there with you right now. No idea how little this phone call is in comparison to what I’d do if we were face to face right now. I want more than anything to be with you on your special day. To hold you, sing to you, give you all the cranberry and almonds you could ever desire.”

He said this, knowing it would make her smile, and it did.  She laughed and smiled from cheek to cheek. 

“If I were back home with you, I’d do everything in my power to make you the happiest girl on your birthday. But, seeing as we’re miles and miles away right now, this insignificant little phone call is all I can give you.” Drake said, hoping she’d understand how much he wanted to be with her. 

 “Anything you give me is far from insignificant. Far from it.  All of what you just said is the best present I’ve received all day, and the only thing that could top it is you being here.”

 “Soon, love.” He told her

“Soon.” Nicki replied in a heartbeat.

“DRIZZAY” 40 shouted from the stage.

“Oop.” Nicki said. “You gotta go.”

“You know I’d stay if I could.

“I know.” Nicki said with a slight smile.

“I love you.” Drake said to her, meaning every word of it.

“I love you too.“ Nicki replied, the truth ringing in her every word. 

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